How to clean a coconut doormat

How to clean a coconut doormat?: Do you want to leave the entrance rug as new? If you purchased the rug that welcomes home a long time ago and noticed that it no longer traps dust or dirt as it does when you bought it … watch out!

In today’s post, we’ll teach you how to clean a coconut mat without having to spend money to buy one again.

Nowadays, coconut fiber carpet has become the most widely used product to capture dirt from our shoes and prevent them from entering our home. Today there are countless types of doormats.

There are the typical thick-haired and golden brown rugs, but more and more carpets with graphics, colors, and personal phrases are the ones presiding over the entrance to any of our homes.

The flexibility and roughness they adopt is essential for everyday use on landings and runways.

However, if its fibers are not maintained properly, the material can lose its physical properties and end up being an extra load of dirt on our homes.

Tips for Maintaining the How to clean a coconut doormat

Next, in 4 simple steps we show you how to clean a coconut mop in the easiest, simplest, and most economical way:

First of all, you must remove any particles of dust or dirt stuck in the felt of the mat. To do this, just shake it or tap it on the wall. Once cleaned, allow it to air for a few minutes in the sun.

  • Make a marinade solution. With the help of a sprayer, apply the mixture to all strands of the mat. Through this process, we will be softening each of its fibers, this way, it will be easier for us to take the next step.
  • Next, use a long, stiff bristle brush to remove any dirt from the mat. Repeat this procedure as many times as necessary, until the visible traces of dirt are gone. You can apply the water and salt solution to the product as many times as necessary.
  • Finally, rinse it with plenty of water and allow it to air dry. We recommend that you leave the rug upright so that it does not deform during drying.
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  • In addition to step-by-step for keeping your coconut fiber mat clean, we leave you with some tips and tricks for maintaining it over time.

If the stains on the carpet are greasy and are no traces of dust, dirt, and/or mud, use a common degreaser and rub the material vigorously before rinsing it with water.

Allow the carpet to dry completely before using it again. If you don’t and you have a spot in a shady or damp area, mold or mildew may appear and you will have to get rid of it.

Its maintenance is ongoing, so we recommend that you spray your carpet daily and perform a deeper cleaning once a week.

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