How to Choose Your Yoga Mat?

How to Choose Your Yoga Mat? As American yoga teacher Rodney See says, “The two most important things you need to do in yoga is your body and mind”, but if you add a good yoga mat to it, you’ll be more comfortable.

Many people ask me about the brands of good yoga mats, not the brands I call models and composition/material/quality.

Likewise, if you train in a yoga studio and they lend it to you, I recommend you to keep the mat yourself first, because it is very hygienic and secondly it is with a partner The best trained is the one that suits you, you chose it and tried it. It’s like any other discipline, it’s good to play tennis with your own bangles or walk with your own sports shoes, isn’t it?

I have not tried all the mats, but in my 18 years of practice I have tried a few, now I have distributed many of my workspace, and I still have a few houses.

How do I choose the right yoga mat?

Thickness of yoga mat

The thickness of the yoga mat will vary depending on your requirement.

Mats ranging from 1.5 to 2 mm are for traveling because they do not take up much space in a suitcase. But I do not recommend it for regular training.

The standard thickness of the yoga mat is between 3-4 mm.

There are mats with a thickness of 5 mm, suitable for dynamic yoga, including maneuvers and tabs that make the tab a mattress. This can be an option for Ashtanga yoga, but in balance, you may have to get off the mat to find the best stability.

At over 5mm, it seems too thick for me. Be careful, this is not a gymnastics or Pilates boy.

The texture point system

Ever since I moved to Latin America, I knew whether they were yoga boys or boys there!

The structure is the touch of the object, which may be more or less, soft or a structure formed within the object, but the important thing is that it is not ace.

Avoid foam mats, if you apply a seal to the pressure mat of your hand, it is due to the lack of density that it is a mat that is comfortable for gymnastics, Pilates, and stretching exercises, but not yoga.

How do I choose the right yoga mat

Non-slip yoga mat

This is the most important criterion for your comfort. You do not want your feet or hands to slip into a posture, which can be uncomfortable or dangerous because you will put too much stress on the situation.

Measure your point

The length of a yoga mat is usually around 170–180 cm and if you do a plank, your hands and feet should be above the yoga mat. There are 1.90 or 2 meter long XL mats, but with a normal you can practice without issue. The width is standard, it is typically 60–65 cm, but recently new wider measurements are emerging.

Yoga mat weight

Weight varies according to material, density, weight, and the best quality (not always) according to the principle: if you carry your yoga mat with you everywhere, select one that is not overweight, But leave it in your regular studio.

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Point price will vary

This is a very personal criterion, but keep in mind that a good quality mat will last a long time and consider it an investment.

The Prices range from 20 Euro to 110 Euro depending on the brand, material and quality. If you are just starting to practice yoga. It is a good idea to choose a moderate price and make sure you like the touch of it before investing in the “luxury” version.

Avoid very cheap mats as its quality matches the price and you will be dissatisfied as it will spoil quickly or will not be designed and designed by yogis and yogis.

Maintain and clean your yoga mat

Many brands indicate that you can put them in a washing machine, personally I have never tried this and I am afraid that it will be greatly reduced.

I like to wash them regularly in soap and water. In some centers they will leave a spray and wipe. The mat to wash, but do not hesitate to take it home every X months to wash it. Especially if you do not use a towel. If you want to make your own yoga mat cleaning product. Then read this article on how to clean a yoga mat.

How to Choose Your Yoga Mats

I wrote another post in 2020 with the new stability of choosing your yoga mat.

Yoga Mat Recommendations

There are a variety of options, thicknesses, and prices on the market. The essential thing is that it is ticket less and you are trained in interacting with your yoga posture.

I have proposed 3 options. For a comprehensive selection, see this article on home yoga equipment.

1) Yoga Made Eco Pro

With its 4mm natural rubber, the Yoga Mat Eco Pro is an environmentally friendly and economical choice. It is light (1.6 kg), but it can slip slightly if you sweat. 42.90. This is a good value to start with money option.

2) Jade Yoga Harmony Pro

Jade Yoga Harmony Pro – 5 mm: 100% rubber, this is an alternative to an American brand approved for Eco-friendliness at a higher price: $$.

3) Caribbean microfiber cloth mat

If you like mats with cool prints, I recommend Barcelona brand Caribbean, which offers rubber mats with a layer of absorbent micro flow fabric.

Check out the selection of basic mats with beautiful patterns and use the 5% discount xuanlan (all lowercase) code.

best yoga mats

Buy mat online

Other recommendations for mats made from standard materials that can be purchased online through Amazon:

If you are looking for additional options and suggestions for your yoga mat and other types of yoga mat items. Then check out this article on what it means to start doing yoga at home.

I wish you good training!

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